Our Technology.

Industry has invested substantial time and treasure in pursuit of the ultimate ride. Previous attempts at achieving an ideal solution have proven futile; cost, power consumption and integration complexity have been the primary pitfalls. GenShock technology addresses these issues while achieving profound performance gains.


Integrated Valve (Activalve)

GenShock’s Activalve can either fit within, or be mounted on the side, of existing standard damper architectures (mono, twin, tri-tube).  Fluid is re-routed through the valve where an integrated hydraulic motor can extract power or perform work on the fluid... Read More +

Power Electronics

Our electronics are responsible for controlling the flow of electricity into each GenShock actuator, enabling it to push and pull. GenShock’s regeneration is also enabled where the recovered power can be returned to the electrical grid of the vehicle....Read More +

Software & Controls

Software and algorithm controls are the brains of GenShock. Carefully crafted by a team of vehicle dynamics engineers, these control mechanisms instruct modular controllers to effect certain forces instantaneously. These controls, coupled with very powerful hardware and electronics, yields an experience unlike any other... Read More +

Intellectual Property

Levant Power has filed numerous patents to protect GenShock’s Activalve, power electronics, software and controls that enable it to achieve its performance spec.